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  • Wheelchair / Pushchair Accessible
  • SEND
  • Suitable for Families

Artcore is a Visual Art charity based in Derby

Artcore plays an important role in the community. Our services are accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and culture, and of all ages and abilities. We believe in the power of art to build relationships in the community and aid social cohesion. Engaging people from every part of the society, developing a harmonious and cordial relationship amongst them through art and its activities result into a happy community for which we strive for at Artcore.

Artcore work with various groups including people with learning difficulties, physical and mental health problems, stroke affected individuals and children and adults with special needs. Our projects aim to provide a creative platform of expression supporting in reducing isolation by strengthening local networks and help people to live a full and varied life. The sessions all carry health and well-being messages. As well as giving community members the opportunity to explore a variety of art mediums and increase skills, whilst making friends, boosting self-confidence, interacting with like-minded people and engage in constructive activity.

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