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Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves - Derby Days Out

Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves

Christmas elves and comedy meet this festive season in Babbling Vagabonds’ magical performance of ‘Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves’.

Set in Derby's old Central Library, this Christmas Carol-like tale takes place with the stage at the centre which allows the children to experience the story from all angles and interact with the cast!

On arrival, children are greeted by an illuminated stage and elves who chat with families as they settle into their seats adding to the relaxed atmosphere.

The story tells of young Meg Barneyleg, the naughtiest girl in the world, and her troublesome tricks. Meg is born in the village of ‘Boiled’ on the night of a storm, and my word does she create a storm of chaos and calamity! Meg has an insatiable taste for curranty bread and an appetite for mischief, wreaking havoc wherever she goes. Her poor farmer parents, accompanied by their pet chicken Beryl, are exhausted, even with the help of their neighbours, the hilarious Mrs Fenny Whistle, knitting-mad Miss Ginny Wig and the Vicar! The cast, a trio of brilliant actors, interchange roles seamlessly throughout the production to bring the characters to life with clever costumes, puppetry, popular songs, and imaginative scene changes.

As Meg grows up, her behaviour worsens and her reputation as the naughtiest girl in the world has spread as far as the North Pole, with her at the top of Santa’s Naughty List. On Christmas Eve, Meg falls asleep in front of the tree awaiting her presents. However, the Christmas elves have other ideas for mischievous Meg. In a Dickens’ style twist, Meg is sent to learn her lesson! Can the elves change Meg’s ways for good? Will she ever learn?

Naughty Meg and the Christmas Elves is a hilarious and fun-filled show from start to finish full of festive frolics and an underlying, heart-warming message perfect for young families!
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"a hilarious and fun-filled show from start to finish" - DerbyDaysOut.co.uk
Photography by IC Things Photography.

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