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Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Summer In Derby

Now that the 2022 summer holidays have started, the countdown to back to school will be looming, but there are still weeks of fun to be had, so let’s make the most of it

  • Things to do with kids in Derby
  • Fun in the garden
  • Rainy day fun  

Let’s make some fun summer memories together this summer…

Things to do with kids in Derby

Since Derby is in the centre of the country, classic summer activities like going to the beach require a fair bit of planning and travelling. However, there is plenty to see and explore close by. You can find out loads of fun stuff in our Summer Special blog, but here are some other local ideas:

·       Visit the National Forest Adventure Farm 

Located near Burton Upon Trent, just 30 minutes drive from Derby, they’re hosting Farmarama all summer with a maize maze, live pirate and princess shows, foam parties and more!

·       Visit East Midland Aeropark

The Aeropark is both an aviation museum and a viewing area where you can study the preserved planes of yesteryear or watch the modern airliners of today taking-off and landing at a growing international passenger and cargo airport.

·       Visit the Famous Trains Model Railway

Located in Markeaton Park, this model railway has loads of miniature trains and railways on show – even a Harry Potter one! Plus, you can head out into the park for a picnic and a game of mini golf or tennis or try your hand at crafting in the Craft Village.

·       Try a treasure hunt with Hunt Fun

This circular hunt tours the centre of Derby and a range of the local attractions and last for around two hours. All you and the family need to do is work out the clues and follow the directions for a fun, educational day out.  

There are loads of other things to do in Derby as well, such as LaserQuest (special offers mid-week and on weekend mornings), trampolining at Oxygen Derby (they have a neon disco on the 5th of August), playing at Moorways’ Water Park, or visiting any of the National Trust, English Heritage or Country Park Sites nearby. 

Fun in the garden

For some affordable sunny fin in the garden, here are some easy-to-create ideas:

  • Go camping in the garden! 

Considering the airports and ferry terminals are all a bit of a mess at the moment, it might be safer to stay home and do days out instead. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get those holiday vibes in the garden. Camping in your outside space with your tent, sleeping bags, air beds and a fire pit can be a fun and novel way to have a holiday. The fact that your nice clean toilet is just meters away doesn’t hurt either! So, why not set it all up, toast some marshmallows, tell some stories and sleep outside together for a bit of random fun?

  • It’s time to water fight

Crack out those super soakers and water balloons – it’s water fight time. It’s the perfect way to cool down and have some epic family fun in the heat, so prep your buckets of soaked sponges or reusable water bombs in strategic locations and get ready for battle!

Rainy day fun

It may be all sunshine and 25+ degree heat (we hope), but this is the UK, so it’s best to plan for a few rainy days, just to be safe:

  • Do some arts and crafts.

Not a good artist? That’s fine as anyone can have fun with pens, paints, stamps and crafts. In fact, the sillier and messier your final product is, the more fun you often end up having as you can be free and less concerned with perfection. Art games like Picture Consequences are a great way to be creative together as one person draws the head and hides it, then the next draws the torso and arms, etc until there’s a completed creature you’ve all drawn together. Other options include blow painting with drinking straws, rock painting or Ice dying old clothes and fabrics.

  • Make your own GBBO masterpiece

Somewhere in Essex, Bake Off filming is in full swing, so why not do your own at home? You can bake traybakes, cakes, puddings and more to share with your friends or just make your mid-week meal a bit special. Easy favourites include flapjacks, fairy cakes, gingerbread people or a good old-fashion Victoria Sponge.

  • Create a cosy den

There’s something special about being warm and cosy when the rain is pouring down outside, so why not make a blanket fort together so you can hunker down from the bad weather and watch a film or read a book together? Think of it like camping inside where you all pitch in to make it as cosy as can be and then settle down with your baked goods. Clotheslines attached to curtain poles and door hinges make great tall supports for your blankets and sheets!

Summer does fly by when you have young children, so make the most of it and make memories while you can. With plenty of planning and careful budgeting, it’ll be a summer to remember. 

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