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Babies Who Brunch - November's Top 3!

This month we found the cafe with the nicest staff in the world (the babies are fashioning them a plaque as we write), the cakes with so many calories we lost count and we flirted with the red side of the Trent. What a month! 

First stop calories. Cafe Aroma in Spondon. We've ogled at their instagram feed of delicious cakes for a while so thought we should quit making eyes at them and pay them a visit. 

It's a nice cafe that serves dishes a little more different to your standard day time menu. The kids loved the pulled pork and chorizo loaded fries and the pepperoni pizza bagel was just delicious! But we were there for the cakes. And they did not disappoint. We tried the malteaser and cornflake cookie dough crunch. It was rich, soft and had the perfect amount of crunch running through the cookie dough. It was so rich we needed to eat it over 3 sittings. That meant we got a whole days worth of cake-gasm out of one slice. Who can complain at that?!

Next up Platta in Stanley Common. We hadn't booked a table and it was pretty busy but the staff didn't tut, they didn't roll their eyes at us or send us packing (all three of these things have happened at other places). Nope, they jiggled some tables around and squished us in. Before we'd even asked, two clean (Ikea) high chairs were pushed in our direction and we sat comfortably at a spacious table. And before you think 'well of course they did, you two and your bébés are famous and highly regarded on the Midlands brunching circuit, it's akin to Jay Rayner turning up', well, you'd be wrong. 

No one has a sodding clue who we are (we really are going to have to get the bébés branded merch).

We shared two absolutely beautiful grazing boards; The Ploughman's that flaunted Derbyshire cheeses, sausage rolls, scotch eggs with pickles, chutneys and fresh bread, and the the Antipasti with cured meats, olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, chutneys and flatbread. 

The lovely staff asked if we'd like some fruit pots for the babies - 'erm, yes please!' - which they made especially for them to pick at. 

The cafe is lovely, the furniture is lustworthy, the espresso martinis are strong (shhh don't judge) and the staff couldn't do enough to accommodate us. 

And lastly, the Nottingham flirtation. Can you beat a bit of weekend shopping followed by a bite to eat? Relaxed, tasty, perfect! The babies by now are very well socialised at eating out. They know the drill, and behave beautifully. Meaning sleep deprived parents can enjoy a bite to eat and maybe an alchohic beverage, just one mind you! 

So we visited Nottingham Street Food Club. Located on top floor of Victoria Centre; this place is relaxed, offers a great range of street food, is family friendly, and is a great alternative to yet another lunchtime chain restaurant. 

There's a range of wonderful traders to choose from, but we just fancied ourselves some dirty chicken! 🍗 


So, what did we choose?? 

Epic garlic parm chicken burger

Deep fried mac 'n' cheese balls 

Buttermilk chicken wings with Chinese BBQ sauce 

Dirty fries 




So there are your three for this month. If you have any suggestions for places to go please drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram. And if you visit any of our recommendations let us know what you think! We really value your feedback.

Kristen and Bek

Babies Who Brunch



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