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Babies Who Brunch - March 🐇 - Derby Days Out

Babies Who Brunch - March 🐇

It was a week of promises.

We'd promised Sass-Ball pancakes, Granny Sue a bacon cob and Tiny-T was only interested in the promise of Cadbury's chocolate buttons. Luckily, Denby's in Denby village was able to meet all our promises (ok, perhaps not the buttons, but luckily, we have a secret stash of those). Denby's is a lovely little café serving traditional brunch and lunch options.

Sass chose the Nutella pancakes, covered in strawberries, cream and a dusting of cinnamon (she LOVED this).

Granny Sue got her bacon cob fix, we even threw in a fried egg for good behaviour. Tiny-T and I shared a lighter breakfast with bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach, and tomato. All good – no snotty eggs here!  

The café is spacious with good clean highchairs. Whilst there are currently no baby changing facilities, the lovely owner has assured us that they are on their way with plans to be fitted. We can cope with this, especially when their brownies and cakes are so flipping delicious and freshly made on site.  The café hosts lots of events, such as flower wreath making, and special afternoon teas so give them on follow on the socials to keep up to date with what they have on offer.  

 Another regular in our brunching hall of fame is the Book Café on the Corn Market in Derby. We really do need to spread our wings and visit the Belper version. Until then, we'll dream of this day. We love the ordering facility at the Book Café, simply find a table and order online! It's great meaning that you don't have to leave the babies unattended whilst queuing at a counter to order. It's a bit of a faff navigating the few steps into the café with the pushchair but the staff are always happy to help. Again, another spacious café with clean highchairs and an accessible baby change. 

We had the pleasingly filling breakfast brioche consisting of bacon, hash brown, cheese, and egg. The full English breakfast and the little brekkie for the bambino. It was only right that we also sampled the espresso martini – top notch! 

They're launching a new menu this month featuring a Reuben sandwich – our pregnant-craving-taste buds are salivating at the thought of the pickles and sauerkraut already.  

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