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4th February 2016

So this is my second part of TA to MD, my blog documenting the transition from a teaching assistant to managing director of DerbyDaysOut.co.uk!!

Well I am happy to report that I am still crazy busy - which is a good thing because if I was sat around twiddling my thumbs it would mean I'm doing something very wrong!! Deffo no thumb twiddling going on here!

I've been busy with:

  • Meetings! Some VERY exciting ones! (I'm doing that 'keeping you in suspense' thing but all will be revealed soon!)
  • Adding LOADS of events - I want to make half term as easy as possible for you (and me!!) At the time of writing we have over 100 events listed for Feb!
  • Making changes to the website such as:
    • Adding a half term club section
    • Starting a new kids club section
    • Making the events searchable by date (particularly useful if, for example, you have a day off during half term and you want to know what is on just on that day)
    • Added us a 'tell us about you event' form on the homepage to make it easier for people to...well.. tell us about their events!
    • A new shopping section will be added soon to our attractions pages where we will list Derbyshire shopping centres
    • Update to our characters on the homepage - we have hats and scarves on because it’s chilly out there!


This made me chuckle! The thing is, I'm so self critical that I'm harsher on myself than any of my past bosses have been!!

I went to Marketing Derby’s annual business event which was strange because I was thinking “Should I be here? I’m just little old me and here I am at a massive business event with some of the biggest companies in Derby!” But I am very glad that I went because seeing how Derby as a city is coming on is amazing! I’ve lived in Derby all my life, met my husband here, worked here and raise my child here. To say I’m proud to be promoting our great county would be an understatement!

 (The Marketing Derby event was held at the beautiful Derby Theatre)

Anyway, whilst at this event, I found out that Skyscanner have listed Derby at number 5 in the list of ‘16 cities to visit in 2016’ – beating Liverpool, Edinburgh, London and Glasgow to name but a few! Incredible! Woo hoo - go Derby!!

We were also shown this video which made me want to stand up after and start clapping and whooping! (I didn’t do this but I really really wanted to!!) Watch it yourself and tell me how it makes you feel - I'd love to know if makes you want to stand up and whoop too!! (To make me feel like less of a weirdo!!)

Source: Marketing Derby www.marketingderby.co.uk/newperspective

So I mentioned in my previous blog that I love coffee! Well this week I can tell you that I discovered a few hidden coffee gems in our lovely city!

1) Deda Derby Cube Café: I had a small latte but it was big and deliciously milky! I also had a slice of the chocolate brownie which surprisingly light and yummy! Its’s got a lovely family atmosphere and is a really interesting building. (Literally cube shaped!) Have a wander around upstairs and look at the stunning artwork on your way back from the loo!

2) Derby Museum & Art Gallery café: I had an Americano and a decaf! Both very good cups of coffee. The staff were lovely and friendly and the cake selection looked amazing – this time I didn’t sample the goods but I will be back and I will eat cake! Have a wander around the cafe to see the amazing ceramic collection and then of course around the rest of this fantastic museum and art gallery.

3) Quad café and bar: I had an Americano (again) which was a nice big strong cup of coffee – it was the first of the day so I needed it to deliver a good punch of caffeine. It didn’t disappoint! I’ve let myself down a bit here because I didn’t have a good look at the cake selection (what was wrong with me?!) I defo saw some rocky road but don’t worry I will go back and I will eat cake!! I also noticed they do some very tasty sounding food which I am also happy to go back and try. (For you guys of course!!) I could of stayed there all day because it’s an ideal place to ‘people watch’ which is something I'm quite fond of! It’s situated in the market place in the city centre so there’s lots of people wandering about outside!

Who knows where I will end up next week! If you can recommend any cafes that are worth a visit please comment below! Cake or homemade baked goods are optional but preferable! Wifi is always helpful too – ta!

Right I'm off to find some more exciting content for the website. Remember this is a website for you guys so if you have any suggestions for us please get in touch:  email us ayupmeduck@derbydaysout.co.uk or visit us on our Facebook, or Twitter pages. 

Thanks Nat aka DDO Mum! x

PS in case you are wondering, the cover pic for this blog is me and my hubster (I'm the one without the beard!) The reason for this pic to just say thank you to the hub for supporting me on this venture! If Carlsberg made husbands...!! x

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