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25th January 2016

I went to my first ever Jumping Clay Saturday session at the weekend!

It was really good because the ladies there teach and help you to make the models but you get to do it all yourself! I really like being creative and doing stuff like this. If you like play dough and plasticine then you will like Jumping Clay because it's similar - just stretchier!

On Saturday we made the turtle from Finding Nemo and you could make Mickey or Minnie Mouse. I made Mickey. It was a bit tricky but I think they look good!



My mum and dad were in the next room on their laptops and drinking coffee! They were excited about being able to do some work whilst I was making my models which is weird because why would you be excited about doing work?! 

At the Jumping Clay Academy (where I did my Saturday session) it's really cool because there are loads of Jumping Clay models all around. They had loads of different models like; food, dragons, minecraft, animals, minions and loads more things! There was even a Rammie in the window - I'd love to make Rammie next or a footballer! They also sell pots of the clay so that you can make some things at home. I'm going to get some with my leftover christmas money! 

I would definitely recommend Jumping Clay Saturday Sessions to any children who like being creative because it was fun and you get to keep the models and show your family and friends. I can't wait to go again!

Thanks for reading! Lola x

DDO Mum says:

Being able to do some work using the free business wifi (no dodgy connection here - just super fast!) whilst Lola was happily modelling away was great. I wouldn't usually get chance to do any work on a Saturday but knowing Lola was happy meant I could get on guilt free! 

We sat in the parents lounge which was in the room adjacent to where the children were busy creating so I was able to pop my head round to check on her! Lola is at an age where she doesn't want or need me to be sat next to her, but I'm not quite ready to leave her yet either so this proved the perfect solution. There was also free tea and coffee facilities for parents which is unheard of these days so what a treat that was! In the parent's lounge there were toys suitable for little ones so if you have an older child doing the modelling, your little one can keep busy too. 

It's like they have thought of it all! It was overall a very pleasant experience for us all and we will definitely be going again! 

The Saturday sessions cost £12 for two hours (10am-12pm)

Find out more about Jumping Clay, their after school clubs, Saturday sessions and half term clubs here.

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