Intu - POP launch day! - Derby Days Out Blog
1st August 2015

Today in the intu shopping centre I heard loads of shouting and laughing and some people started to gather around. Me and my mum went to see what was happening and we saw Batman and the Joker! They were fighting!! It was chaotic but I knew it wasn't real. It was fun to watch and then we saw the Mayor of Derby. He was opening a new shop called POP. 

We went into the shop and sat at a cool table which was covered in Super Heroes - I wish our kitchen table was like that! Jumping Clay were there and I sat down to make something. I chose to make a Batman badge. It was epic! The lady next to me was friendly and she helped me with the tricky parts. 

After that mum told me I was going to have a Super Hero photo shoot. Sounds cool. A man showed us the photo studios which look really cool! He showed me some of the costumes you get to wear - I can't wait! I'll write what it's like after I do my shoot.

Oh yeah - we also got a goody bag from the shop which had popping candy in it from Tiger which was really yummy and also some sweets and Spiderman bubbles!



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