How to build an animal den by Lola - Derby Days Out Blog
2nd January 2016

Hi it's me Lola, 

I'm going to tell you how to make an animal den. I learnt how at a Derbyshire Wildlife Trust bushcraft event - it was cool! There will be more coming up and I hope to go to one again. The details will be on this website of course! 

First, you collect some sticks. Secondly you find a straight tree. After that, get lots of leaves to use as carpet/floor/bed! Put the leaves down on the floor at the bottom of the tree. Now for the den part, stack the sticks up together vertically over the leaves and leaning against the tree. You've made your den! This will help animals shelter from the cold weather!

Hope you liked this! Next time I'll tell you how to make an animal bowl.

Lola x


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