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27th September 2015

Well what a fab afternoon Dad and Lola had at Elvaston Castle today.

Sunshine, activities, fun & laughs to be had at the Woodland Festival 2015.

Having never been to this event before I really wasn't sure what to expect but this was a fantastic afternoon out.

£6 to park (the media have made a lot of this but if you went you will agree that it was worth the cost) and after a short walk along the path we were met by the most fantastically crafted 'trim-trail' ... both myself and Lola had a good laugh trying not to slip or fall off.

Half way up the path we made a flag using leaves, a rag and blackberries with the National Trust ... that's another thing ticked off the 50 things to do be you're  11 and 3/4's (for Lola not me!)

Next was onto the RSPB who had some cool hedgehog and wildlife homes on display. We signed up for the 'youth membership' and got a big bag full of cool stuff to do at home for wildlife ... Lola made a hedgehog home as soon as we got back!

We then got treated to some chainsaw art, owls and a display of funky looking farm equipment which I wanted to buy for no reason other than they looked powerful and shiny!!

Time was starting to run away from us and we had company coming for tea so we skipped a few bits and headed off to make a propeller. Now I'm not science minded at all so I've got no idea how it works but it's a bit of wood with a few grooves that if you rub a certain way the propeller goes one way, do it the other way it goes the other way ... mind ... blown! Lola loved doing this but was a little freaked out by the Green Man popping up behind her whilst she was half way through making it.

We made our way round the lake and saw some tree climbing on the top field and bumped into our good friends at Jumping Clay Derby (check them out for cool clubs during term time and October half-term) but we didn't have time to make anything.

Sadly it was time to go but Lola said on the way out "that was awesome, I can't wait to come back next year" ... that's a winner for £6!!

Last but not least was this GIANT cabbage I got for our Sunday Roast ... winner winner chicken dinner :-)

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