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7th September 2015

Hi everyone!

Not a very exciting week this week. My 'day' job has kept me very busy after the Bank Holiday ... funny how people expect 5 days work to be squeezed into 4 just because of a Bank Holiday!

Anyway, to DDO; we've reached the end of summer and the day-to-day listing have dried up now (not surprising since the 6 to 16 year olds we list for are back at school!) but we still have loads of awesome events listed for weekends.

The club section is coming ... promise. We are just tidying up the lists and making sure they are as accurate as possible.

The highlight of our weekend was the Darley Park Concert 2015. We make sure we attend this event every year and it never disappoints.

The sheer scale of it (35,000 people), the quality of the acts and fireworks along with the fact that it's free makes me very proud to be from Derbyshire.

I'm sure you were either there or have seen all the details in the press so I won't go into it but the highlights for me were as follows:

  • The Belle Ayres choir from Landau Forte (simply amazing)
  • Fireworks that get bigger and better each year
  • Losing nearly every single game of Uno to Nat & Lola
  • Picnic ,,, yum

Just a short blog this week as I need to get back to sorting the clubs section out!

Have a fab week.


One last thing ... why do the kids need an extra 'inset' day at the end of 6 weeks off!!!!!!!!!!

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