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7th August 2015

Thursday 6th August 

Phew what a busy day we had today! Im actually exhausted!! (Lola not so much unfortunately!)

Lola had a photo shoot at POP by Mackney @ Intu today. She opted for the Superhero shoot which suits her style better than the fairy one (but the fairy set looks amazing!!)

It was brilliant – she got changed into her superhero oufit in the changing rooms and was ready for the shoot. They had originally put the girls costume in the changing room for her which was a big frilly purple skirt (I loved it but Lola’s face was a picture! Not impressed to say the least!) The lady very kindly changed it to the boys version which was skinny blue jeans and white t-shirt – Lola was very relieved!! She does not ‘do’ skirts!

There were four different sets and it was all very exciting to watch! It really suited Lola because there’s not too much smiling required! Being a superhero is serious business you know!

The girls running the shoot were really friendly, professional and kind to both me and Lola. We view the pictures in 3 weeks and I can’t wait to see the finished pictures! Although I’m not looking forward to how much it’s going to cost me! Can imagine myself saying “I’ll take ALL the photos!!” with hubby in the corner shaking his head!

Anyway after the photo shoot Lola made more Jumping Clay. She was supposed to do it before the shoot whilst we waited but they were ready for us as we arrived so she made it after instead! Today’s creation was a Captain America badge! Here it is:

It was lunctime by the time we had finished the shoot. Lola chose to go to Joe’s Kitchen! The food was nice, I had a club sandwich and Lola opted for a burger. We both had the ‘juice of the day’ which was cherry and apple flavour – it was lovely! The service was quick and friendly but I thought it was a bit pricey (£20.40 for just the 2 of us.) But if you can’t have a treat in the summer hols, when can you?

As I had paid for all day parking (£4 which I think is a bit of a bargain!) we decided to venture on down to the Quad as I saw on our website (yes I do use it and have literally used it every day since we launched!!) that there was an event going on today.

The event was free and was on til 4pm so it was ideal! The two ladies running the event were really lovely and helpful. We made two awesome space aliens from pegs, wool, pipe cleaners and various other bits and bobs! They looked fab and we both had fun making them! I think we were still in the super hero vibe though and we decided to give our creatures capes and made crime fighting space aliens! (As you do!)


All in all a great day with my little munchkin!

Lola says; “I liked making the creatures because I could be creative and it kept me entertained. I liked posing for the photoshoot. The drink at Joe’s Kitchen was spectacular!”

(Wow she really liked the drink didn’t she?!)

Bye for now – Nat and Lola x

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